Weekly Summary – 10.2.14 – 16.2.14

by Beauchamp Art

Multiplicity Be-gets Chaotic Ubiquity

Friday’s Pop Culture crit served as an effect catapult into the formal start of the essay (on screens), and in traditional style, the word-count was overshot by around a thousand words by the end of the second day of writing.
Moreover, a number of photographs were taken, along side short films from the screen using continual footage, which are intended to be submitted for BA5, however, should there not be enough time for these to be completed, they can be amalgamated into the next unit.
Furthermore, all of the exhibition opportunities that I have applied for have rejected me thus far, so getting something sorted for BA6 may be problematic, though I am still intending on participating in uni-directed activates, and possibly show work in the Fabric Warehouse.

Drive - 1 - 1

Drive – 1 – 1

Photos of a screen displaying a video of a drive through Leeds film on a phone out of a car window.


Condensation Portrait

Condensation Portrait

Portrait in a mirror covered in condensation.


BA5 videos on YouTube


BA5 Photos on Flickr


BA5 Works on Flickr

BA5 – A busy unit, awash with pixels, abstraction, glitches, and Henry’s Face