Photos: Firstsite

by Beauchamp Art

First Site

Firstsite - 04

Firstsite – 04

This series features a mixture of documentation and more photographic enterprises from in and around Firstsite in Colchester. [26.2.14] In a number of these I used loose fish-eye lens to warp the perspective of the photos and blur the edges of the image. However, as I was just holding the piece of glass in front of the attached lens, the 18-55mm, then the images were prone to a large amount of distortion, producing an interestingly unreal aesthetic. Moreover, since many of these images feature large amounts of contrasting light, both electric and solar, then this served as a useful exercise in photo adjusting, and getting a clear balance of light and dark areas. This is only really possibly with using camera RAW, as with the compression of JPG, most of the high/low light areas are flattened, loosing the detail and data. To ascertain an even more balanced photo, with the clear dark, mid and high tone areas, High-Dinamic Range [HDR] photography could be used, creating a composite from multiple image exposures. Nevertheless, as these were mostly taken as a documentation of the environment, which I may exhibit in at a later date, as well as peers, other people and artworks.

Firstsite - 01

Firstsite – 01

Firstsite - 13

Firstsite – 13