Weekly Summary 24.2.14 – 2.3.14

by Beauchamp Art

Along with submitting for the Stew’s (Non)sense exhibition, I visited Firstsite to inspect the space which we may exhibit in, should our proposals be accepted. As a group of us are planning films, we may use the Auditorium to display our works as a showreel, though it would be a good opportunity to make site-specific work; a performance involving their 4K screens and large black boards could be quite interesting.

Mark Waller’s workshop began with a group discussion, before beginning work on our own films. For me this involved experimenting with projecting on various scale displaying WIP films.

Victoria’s talk was very interesting, exemplifying the admirable business of active creativity.

I shall be visiting London next week visiting galleries, which shall be undoubtedly useful.

Firstsite - 04

Firstsite – 04

A mixture of documentation and more photographic enterprises from in and around Firstsite in Colchester. [26.2.14]

Prime Phenomena - 03

Prime Phenomena – 03

Glass seeming plastic. Illusion of space and transparency.

Hand Of [HCI] - 06

Hand Of [HCI] – 06

Repeatedly photographed computer screen displaying the mouse interface against a blue void (the sky from ‘City in Pixels’), exploiting pixilation and the moiré effect.

Convoluted Processes

Projecting through a Gameboy magnifying glass onto a Lego brick blue tacked to the side of a television being photographed by one camera through another macro lens; photographed by a second camera.