Exhibition: Fabric Warehouse – Dematerial: Proposal

by Beauchamp Art

For the exhibition at the Fabric Warehouse, myself, and nine other Fine Art students intend to show a range of works, curated by Elizabeth Aubury and I. This will involve inviting a number of fellow students to show their work, then selecting from their proposals pieces that we think will work well together as part of a collective exhibition, without an explicit central theme assigned to it, and works that will function within the gallery space. This will include a number of wall-mounted pieces, as well as sculptural objects, bringing together a range of interesting works and media, stimulating critical dialogues between the pieces.

I propose to show two of my works, both which relate to one another and would not seem too unrelated to the other works on show. This would include a projected video piece, Drive which features a two-panel video of a piece of re-filmed footage, with the digitally generated between-frames brought to the foreground in one half of the video, and the stretched footage in the other, accompanied by a soundscape derived from the original footage. This is to be displayed in the darkened section of the space by the entrance, slightly separated off so as not to intrude on the other works. The second piece I plan to show is a series of photographs (taken from a screen displaying and edit film based on a photo series), Cultivating Desynchronisation displayed together on a single A1 sheet of matt paper, attached unframed directly to the wall. Both of these works are intended to be critical of the perception of digital media, and the substance of immaterial images.