Weekly Summary – 10.3.14 – 16.3.14

by Beauchamp Art

Drive Cataracts 2 [Stills]

Drive Cataracts 2 [Stills]

After the briefing and receiving my feedback from my tutor, and a discussion about Minecraft and architecture, I was considering the display and accessibility of my work more acutely. With organising the Fabric Warehouse exhibition, collecting proposals and deciding what I wanted to include; filling out forms and booking equipment, I believe I shall start this unit on good footage, concerning exhibiting work – I should be showing printed photographs and a film. I also completed my Firstsite application, and plan to create a site-specific video/drawing/performance piece, that should be exciting, though demanding.
The final Thematic Crits were again interesting, though I was the only participant for ‘Networks/Dispersion’, the ‘Public/Private’ provide an interesting dialogue on display and intimacy.
The Stew’s Fashion exhibition was ridiculously busy, and the Outpost’s performances especially un-stimulating.


Drive Talk Stills
Drive Talk Stills


Projections - Synthetic Skeleton - 2 -  06

Projections – Synthetic Skeleton – 2

Projections – Synthetic Skeleton – 2 – 06


Projections - Cells - 03

Projections – Cells

Projections – Cells – 03