Exhibition: Firstsite Proposal

by Beauchamp Art

I propose to create a video-installation-interactive-drawing-performance piece involving a rapid show-reel of images taken from Google, under the search term ‘Colchester’ which will be blurred together forming a falsely fluid film. This will be displayed on a large TV screen in front of a blackboard, onto which I will intermittently undertake a large drawing in response to the images on the screen, inviting members of the audience to interact, participate in the drawing. This will surround the screen in abstract shapes; creating a temporary, site-specific piece at Firstsite, reflecting the online representation of Colchester and my own themes involving information overload.

I will require the use of one of the on-site Televisions, a DVD player or HDMI-USB input, and mains electricity in order to display the video, and access to the blackboard in the Learning Room and a reasonable amount of chalk. Ideally, the room would be slightly darkened to make the screen more visible, but not completely blacked out so the board can still be seen.
If it is possible, I would also like to exhibit the film on one the screens at the entrance to the gallery, though if the flashing images are problematic I can produced a slowed down version of the film, saturating the work throughout the exhibition

This piece will require me to discuss with my peers the use of the only available large blackboard for the day, negotiating the use of a Television. Should I not be able to have access to the blackboard, as someone else requires it specifically for their piece, I could alternatively install the work in the Meeting Room or Auditorium, and draw on paper temporarily mounted on the wall using large sheets of paper, or share the use of the blackboard space over the day. However, ideally I would use the boards to make it unique to Firstsite, and carrying the connotations of schools and learning, offsetting the overwhelming image information.
I will also need to produce the video in time for the day, and have small-scale run-throughs of the drawing performance, using a local display and paper. As well as contributing to the curation efforts and organisation with my peers.