Weekly Summary – 17.3.14 – 23.3.14

by Beauchamp Art

Organising the Dematerial exhibition involved viewing the space on Monday, installing the works on the Friday, and writing a thorough reflection on the process of curating and the interrelationship of the works, Elizabeth Aubury and I also had the promotion, private view and invigilating schedule to sort.
Mark Waller’s workshop focused on discussion and the pop-up exhibition next Friday, which I intend do a micro-projection using a number of the same materials as for the Fabric Warehouse (work and footage).
The lecture, group tutorial, and writing workshop also help clarify my direction for the next project; following on from the previous, expanding on my previous essay & research, and making less work, but refining the pieces I do make more thoroughly. Dan Hays’ rather dense lecture was the highlight of Dialogues.


Setting up Dematerial

Micro-projection experiments, with Mark Waller.

Field Lego Projection Stills

Field Lego Projection Stills

Projection of the Field film onto Lego blocks.