Exhibition/Photos: Dematerial Documentation and Photography

by Beauchamp Art

Dematerial (Documentation)
Dematerial Private View - 12

Dematerial Private View – 12


Dematerial Pre Set Up

Dematerial Pre Set Up - 07

Dematerial Pre Set Up – 07

Documentation of the Fabric Warehouse before clearing the space and installing the exhibition.



Dematerial Set Up

Dematerial - Set Up - 13

Dematerial – Set Up – 13

Documentation of the Dematerial exhibition being installed in the Fabric Warehouse.

Dematerial Private View

Dematerial Private View - 14

Dematerial Private View – 14

Documentation of the Dematerial Private View at the Fabric Warehouse on the 24th of March, 2014


Dematerial Work Documentation

Dematerial - Work Documentation - 23

Dematerial – Work Documentation – 23

Documentation of the works included in the Dematerial exhibition at the Fabric Warehouse, featuring ten FA student from NUA.




Dematerial (Photography)

Photographic experiments undertaken during the displaying of the Drive film variations at the Fabric Warehouse as part of the Dematerial Exhibition.

Dematerial – Drive Projection Experiments

Dematerial - Drive Projection Experiments - 16 -

Dematerial – Drive Projection Experiments – 16

As part of the Dematerial exhibition, I experiment with projecting variations of the Drive film onto the textured wall and bodily surfaces.

Dematerial Projector Object

Dematerial - Projector Object - 01

Dematerial – Projector Object – 01

Experimenting with looking at the projector as an object whilst displaying the Drive Videos, focusing primarily on the lens.