Online: No-Face Selfie

by Beauchamp Art

No-Face Selfie - Facebook

No-Face Selfie – Facebook

As a parody of the recent trend for no-make-up ‘selfies’ [self-portraits] in relation to a charity event, rather than presenting my face substituted an image of a skull with a circuit board [Field] projected onto it, calling it a ‘No-Face Selfie’ – in other words, a fictitious version of my head flayed, revealing a digital surface beneath. The ensuing conversational in the comments section involved lighthearted remarks relating to the image and glitching, before devolving into colloquial exchange of friendly abuse amongst peers, joking about mutilation and sex.
This not only serves as a socially-engaging parody of a social-media phenomena, but also of the use of one’s own image online, and the paranoia of perceptually gathered personal meta-data and photo-recognition software.

Projections - Synthetic Skeleton - 1 - 03

Projections – Synthetic Skeleton – 1 – 03

Projecting the Field film onto a plastic skeleton, creating a cybernetic illusion and artificiality.


Field [Edit]

Field [Edit]

Combing stills from the Field film projection tests, producing peculiar results; done in relation to the No-Face Selfie parody and ensuing comments.