Exhibition: Drawing Workshop

by Beauchamp Art

Drawing Workshop Exhibition

Drawing Workshop Exhibition - 03

Drawing Workshop Exhibition – 03

Documentation of some of my pieces from the Drawing Workshops displayed as part of the collective exhibition.
Curated by Kimberley Foster.

As a conclusion to the on-going drawing workshops, a number of my drawing works were featured in the exhibition that was organised towards the start of the third term, which was curated by Kimberley Foster, who requested an materials produced for the workshops to be gathered together on the Friday before exhibit, and the display was up to her.

Even though we were only meant to attend one of the Drawing workshops, there were a number that I attended, and thus were subsequently displayed.

This included the drawing tool workshop, in which we exchanged drawings, then modify the image in some way using whatever was to hand. For this, I inverted my pencil case, and proceeded to erase the drawing by layering large amounts of graphite onto the surface, along side numerous layered drawings, as well as my image that was modified, displayed on an A4 print out. This workshop involved themes of ownership.

Another workshop display that featured my work was the multiple-view point workshop, which involved doing a series of drawings on various pieces of paper depicting subjects from a range of angles; though I mostly focused on figures. Like the pencil case and accompanying drawing, this was displayed in one of the cabinets.

On the slideshow of images being shown on a screen in the exhibit, there was also documentation of some of the activity from the workshops, including my drawing from the ‘Imagined Light Source’ workshop, a figure study with fictionalised lighting.

Though I did not participate in the curatorial role at all, it was interesting to see how some of my drawings were displayed, especially as there were a few pieces of mine that were part of the display, though were not explicitly acknowledged for being so, and especially as drawing forms a secondary part of my practice, that is mostly a skill I attempt to keep up with in my own time, though occasionally can be more implicitly related to my main work.

Drawing Workshop Exhibition - 02

Drawing Workshop Exhibition – 02

Drawing Workshop Exhibition - 01

Drawing Workshop Exhibition – 01