Exhibition: (Non)Sense – Preview

by Beauchamp Art


(Non)Sense – Preview

The Stew Gallery – 2nd May 2014 – 6:30

40 Fishergate, NR3 1SE Norwich, Norfolk

‘Reality’ has been stretched to breaking point by the pervasive and immersive presence of digital technology.

Fragmentary and fragile, Hyper-reality has made personhood a battle field. You may at once be reduced to code script data and monumentalized by the use of social media. We want to be a part of everything, and everything to be a part of us, but we have never been so isolated.

Artists studying at NUA explore the dizzying consequences and possibilities of the virtual world on the communal psyche.

From State power and politics to smart phones and social media, the anxieties and obsessions of the now are laid bare.

– Flo Evans, Exhibition Organiser.


Artists: Martin Perring , Elizabeth Aubury , Imogen Clarke, Jed Hilton , Lloyd Smith, Benjamin Beauchamp and Henry Driver