Research: Hilary Lloyd (At Sadie Coles)

by Beauchamp Art

Installation View At Sadie Coles

Hilary Lloyd

Exhibition at Sadie Coles, 4 Burlington Place, London W1


Lloyd is a British artist who has shown work internationally, but primarily in the UK, especially London. Hew work involves interesting video installations, using a mix of televisions, projectors, and so forth, and her recent exhibition at Sadie Coles Gallery (shown above) features a number of different examples of her work being displayed in a range of formats. This includes televisions placed together forming one larger image, or single wide-screen televisions divided into multiple frames. In addition, with regards to the projectors, in a number of Lloyd’s works she seems to involve multiple projectors displayed in linear formations to produce larger and more dynamic visual constructions to great affect.


Unfortunately, I have only managed to see online at this point, however, as she is currently showing in London, along with a number of national and worldwide galleries, it may be possible to actually see her work installed. This could be especially useful, as the video works themselves seem inseparable from the way they are displayed, and one could not simple show the video without considering the environment and how best to utilize it. It is worth noting how integrated the objects she is displaying on are in the installations, there is no attempt to hide the presence of the screen or conceal the projector. They are entirely present, whether suspended between the ceiling and floor attached to metal poles (quite a common feature of her work, having looked at images from her other exhibitions, including an especially good example at Raven’s Row) or propped up on a movable dolly.


The following information was taken from the official press release:

“In her latest exhibition at Sadie Coles, Hilary Lloyd presents five new works which survey a range of subjects – photographed figures, architectural structures, a silhouetted head – in a variety of split- screen formats and abutted projections. Lloyd gives special prominence to technical equipment and the architecture of the space, with the suspended monitors, projectors and DVD players taking on a concrete sculptural quality that stands in counterpoint to the films’ elusive and fleeting subjects.”

Striped Man