Films: Projections – 2 [Cataracts]

by Beauchamp Art

Field Cataracts Re Projection

Projecting the Field Cataracts film moving lenses in front of the projector.

Much as with the previous Cataract films, I incorporated the manual operation of the glass lenses in the captured footage, however in this case I was manipulating the projection, rather than the camera’s gaze.

By distorting the projected image, this could be seen as a reflection on the distortion of media, rather then the distortion of perception. (However, although the intention is to warp the phenomenological and psychological response to the image, so how it is achieved is not explicitly relevant, though is worth documenting for these experiments, if I wanted to repeat any of the processes again.) To create the audio, I used a combination of the sound taken from the previous projection series, along with basic, noise-reduced version of the Field Talk soundscape.

I believe this to be one of the more successful films in this series of projection experiments, and I subsequently used this video for the Projectcejorp pop-up exhibition in the project space, as a conclusion to the video art workshops with Andy Waller. I displayed the video through a magnifying glass, so that is could be focused into a much smaller area, meaning that it played back at around 15cm across, with light bleeding out of the side of the projection, and the video framed by the remediating magnifying glass, creating a sort of vignette-like darkening of the edges.

Field Cataracts Re-Projection [Stills]
Field Cataracts Re-Projection [Stills]





Field Cataract Camera Re Projection

Projecting the Field Cataracts film, whilst moving lenses in front of the camera.

In this video, as I am shifting the lenses in front of the camera itself, the frame of the projected image shifts considerably more, resulting in an unstable moving image. Since the edge of the frame is repeatedly made visible (even after cropping) then any sense of transparency in the media is disturbed, and the viewer is made aware of the presence and (special) limitations of the screen. Much as an actual cataract makes the individual overly aware of the physicality of the eye. Along with the distortion of the Field film through manual remediation; re-projection and refilming, a number of other optical effects were captured, where the light was being refracted between the surfaces of the lenses, and then between the two lenses in conjunction with one another; the magnifying glass concentrating, the wide-angle lens dispersing light.

Although this video and Field Cataracts Re-Projectionwere created slightly differently, they are superficially similar, and much of what could be said about one could be said about the other. Nevertheless, this could be seen as literal embodiment of a distorted perception, and what is being seen has already been repeatedly manipulated: remediation six-fold, then again in its display.

Field Cataract Camera Re-Projection [Stills]

Field Cataract Camera Re-Projection [Stills]



Field Kaleidoscope Cataracts Re Projection

Projecting the Field Kaleidoscope Cataracts film, whilst moving lenses in front of the projector, filming the sequence again.

This exploits the same techniques as the other Cataracts films, though as what is being filmed again is even less objective, then the resulting video seems even more abstract, and arguably a more novel experiment, rather than a more considered exercise or resolved piece. Thereby resembling something like a drug-endued hallucination in Gaspar Noé’s Enter the Void, although where the focus there was on the cinematic experience, this film may seem more like a day-dream lament on perception and representation; though the novelty may override any further serious consideration by the viewer.

Field Kaleidoscope Cataracts Re-Projection [Stills]


Field Kaleidoscope Cataract Camera Re Projection

Kaleidoscopic Field variation projected and refilmed by lens manipulated camera.

Field Kaleidoscope Cataract Camera Re-Projection

Field Kaleidoscope Cataract Camera Re-Projection

Projecting the Drive Cataracts video through warping lenses.

Colours and out of focus forms shimmer in confused displays from a hazy darkness, as if half-awake eye flicked open catching sight of street lights as burning orbs, repeatedly lost to a total void. Fragments of a pixelated screen momentarily comes into view revealing the inauthenticity of the representation. The rippling drone seeps through detail like ultrasound scan. The intoxicated rumbling that sustains itself despite of the blank images.

This video was a reasonable experiment, but it did not seem to add anything striking to quality of the piece, and did not work well when displayed on a small scale, as I had originally intended to do for the conclusion of this series.

Drive Cataracts Re-Projection [Stills]

Drive Cataracts Re-Projection [Stills]