Weekly Summary – 5.5.14 – 11.5.14

by Beauchamp Art

Just a Day [Firstsite] - 07

Just a Day [Firstsite] – 07

The Firstiste exhibition seemed to positively dominate this week as it went well, and the equipment was sorted in time. I also wrote up about the event, and sorted out the photographs, as well as those from (Non)Sense last week.
We had to dismantle the studios this week, but as I mostly work in the computer suites, I am glad to be relieved of my ridiculous space. There were also a number of private views for peers’ exhibitions.

I started work on the essay, pulling together existing research and critically informed annotations. However whilst writing about some previous work I went on a tangent that became the conclusion, then expanded backwards forming the framework for the text; following my usual tradition of starting, restarting and working retrospectively.

Just a Day [Firstsite] - 36

Just a Day [Firstsite] – 36

Just a Day [Firstsite] - 18

Just a Day [Firstsite] – 18

Just a Day [Firstsite] - 34
Just a Day [Firstsite] – 34