Photos: Photos: Plastic Imprints

by Beauchamp Art

Plastic Imprints - 02

Photos: Photos: Plastic Imprints

Adhesive tack impressed upon the skin, producing temporary negative casts of the texture of one’s digits. A synthetic substance imitates the forms of an organic surface.

This seemed an immediate way of responding to the texture of the temporary sculptural form of the material, which can be moulded and remoulded endlessly, returning to a neutral unformed state with no evidence of previous encounters, besides the miniscule traces of grease, dust and dirt that are impressed into the material, mucking its colour from a vivid blue to a dull grey.

The photos required little post-production, though I increased the exposure of the dark tones to show the detail within the shadowy creases of the pseudo-organic substance, and minor colour adjustments. As I was shooting with the lens on backwards, there was an inevitable amount of colour bleed in some of the pictures, so they shift from grey-blue to more magenta tones, which I desaturated to naturalise the pictures into less vivid tones. Thereby offsetting the banality other need-monochrome coloration and the intricacies of material, within a shallow depth of field.