Photos: Prime Phenomena

by Beauchamp Art

Prime Phenomena - 03
Photos: Prime Phenomena


Glass seeming plastic. Illusion of space and transparency.

These images were taken at Firstsite in Colchester of the glass barriers; forms that are designed to divide up space, but within them is generated an illusionary infinity. This optical phenomena occurs in transparent materials that a made in such away so opposing sides efface each other, removing the presence of the border when examined closely.

The green tinge of the photographs is due to the presence of iron in the glass, an impurity in the sand used in its production. This absorbs the red and blue areas of the spectrum, leaving only green; acting more like a filter than a pigment. The result seems alien, in terms of not only forms, but glass is usually perceived as transparent, without a mediating presence, besides that of the frame. The green on black is also reminiscent of the descending lines of code in the Wachowski’s ‘The Matrix’.Oshii’s ‘Ghost in the Shell’.