Photos: Bedroom, Shutting Down

by Beauchamp Art

Bedroom, Shutting Down

Bedroom, Shutting Down - 1

Bedroom, Shutting Down – 1

These two images show my bedroom at night illuminated by two major light sources, the glow of a half-closed laptop screen and a bedside lamp. Like a number of recent images, these are more done as observations of optical curiosities, interesting lighting and banal everyday aesthetic oddities.
The first photo features the computer chair in the centre of the frame, caught by the faint glow of the computer, plunging much of it body and the lower half of the picture into total darkness, and that which is highlighted is dull, morose. The second image moves towards the bed, set against the desk with lamp and darkened chair.

The images did not need too much adjustment, as I manage to hold the camera steady for the longer exposures by propping it against myself and furniture, since I did not have a tripod to hand, and these were effectively visual documentation of a commonplace nocturnal scene, showing a ritual transition from the land of digitally visceral hallucinations to phantasmagorical imagery of the mind at rest, deep in R.E.M. sleep; the rapid eye movement that follows the rapidly flickering screen is echoed in the twilight hours of dreamscapes. Only with a small amount of post-production, increasing the shadow details, muting the colours, adding highlights to the digital clock, and so forth.

Bedroom, Shutting Down - 2

Bedroom, Shutting Down – 2