Photos: Firstsite Portraits

by Beauchamp Art

Firstsite Portraits

Firstsite Portraits - 1

Firstsite Portraits – 1

This series features three colour and three grey-scale photographs taken at Firstsite in Colchester, depicting four of my peers, two of them twice.

These serve as practice in moving away from my hyperbolic obsession with the screen, towards more direct means of interfacing with other individuals. The three colour images were taken outside and made use of the rich light of the day, as well as the complimentary colours of one individual’s shirt with the sky (and hair with the Firstsite building, though that correlation is not shown). The two external photos in monochrome were meant to focus on the tonal contrast caused by the intense light source.

Firstsite Portraits - 4

Firstsite Portraits – 4

The fourth image shows a figure stood over an auditorium of seats, and is slightly separate from the rest of the series, but I did not feel functioned as a stand-alone photograph (though if any of the series were to, this particular image would work best isolated, furthering the sense of isolationism). However, it does potentially conjure some notions to do with audience (as do the other images, as we were all the artists featured in the exhibition, though that is a pragmatism that would be overlooked by a public viewership) as the figure is seen looking over the rows of empty seats, absent of an audience, adjacent to projector. This was going to feature a small amount of colour, though the colour of the lighting only distracted from the overall composition.

They also served as an exercise in editing real-world subjects, rather than the ghostly images of computer screens with which I am overly familiar.

Firstsite Portraits - 3

Firstsite Portraits – 3