Weekly Summary – 2.6.14 – 8.6.14

by Beauchamp Art

Abject Digital [IWGRP] - 10

Abject Digital [IWGRP] – 10

These images shows the re-photographed screen displaying images of the enlarge glitch sprites from the malfunctioning version of the Internal Warning photographs.

After receiving my feedback I have had time to think about what I want to be working on for the year ahead, and have already begun work on my research, along side editing more photographs, reworking the Colchester film in 4K resolution and creating a soundtrack for the film allowing me to practice more with Logic. However, most of my time was spent annotating, writing notes and reading, as I do not have any immediate plans for practical work, despite of a lengthy list of potential ideas.

Since I came out with a first at the end of the year, I shall continue to do more of the same level of work, though possibly intensify the formal consideration of display and mulch-faceted works alongside the dissertation.

Colchester [AV]




Bedroom, Shutting Down - 1

Bedroom, Shutting Down – 1


M1 [Google Glitch Re-Photographed] - 11

M1 [Google Glitch Re-Photographed] – 11