Research: Wysing: Futurecamp – Brief Summary

by Beauchamp Art

How We Act Now: Psychology and Behaviour in the Digital Age

The various talks were all interesting and a source for further thought and debate. Undoubtably the most useful take was probably the first; Dr Stefeana Broadbent discussion on attention, and the subsequent exchanges in the open discussions after this talk. Nevertheless, Erica Scourti and Frances Stark’s pieces were especially interesting works, and both shared an enduring, near overwhelmingly banal stream of information. Being able to engaging in a discourse with Cécile B. Evans about her work, particularly the Agnes project which I had partaken in previously, was also useful and interesting. As were all the other sometime frankly bizarre, neo-surreal films and performances with a distinct Lo-Fi aesthetic.
I never particularly imagined I would watch and listen so eager to two basically animated figures talking through text-to-speech software about cybersex, the ethics of art, and value of online communication, for an hour and a half, however, the experience has stuck with me.
Wandering around Wysing proved a curious experience; with all this dense debate compressed into a small room in a building surrounded by placid grassland and fields.
Needless to say, the discussion around all of the works and lectures was useful, and i managed to gather a few quotes that should provide useful first-hand research for future writing, and I shall have to make the effort to engage with Wysing again in the future.

How We Act Now: Psychology and Behaviour in the Digital Age featured:

  • Lecture: Dr Stefeana Broadbent: Digital Anthropology; A Social History of Attention
  • Lecture: Dr Kathleen Richardson: Digital Social Networking: A Collective Out of Body Experience?
  • Open Discussion with Dr Stefeana Broadbent & Dr Kathleen Richardson
  • Video Screening: Cécile B. Evans: AGNES (The End is Near)
  • Performance: Jesse Darling: Habeas Corpus Ad Subjiciendum / Body of Work?
  • Video Screening: Rachel Reupke: Wine & Spirits
  • Video Screening: Erica Scourti: Life in AdWords, You Could Have Said
  • Performance: Shana Moulton: Cynthia
  • Video Screening: Frances Stark: My Best Thing