Weekly Summary – 16.6.14 – 22.6.14

by Beauchamp Art

Colchester [4K ML AV] [Still] - 11

Colchester [4K ML AV] [Still] – 11

With typing up notes and quotes I was attempting to work on ideas for my dissertation and further practical work. Though with my damaged finger, and other stresses, this is a slow process.

I also did some photo editing. Along side physically organising for moving, I have also had to sort out my NUA network space, as it contain around 830GB of files which I was instructed to reduce. This provided the opportunity to simultaneous sort my external hard-drive, deleting old work (from GCSE onwards) though having to delete the FCP projects was annoying, as doing any further work on films will require completely reworking some pieces.

However, my hard drive is temperamental, though I cannot back it up as it is my back up drive. The fear of the loss of data is the terror of death.




Colchester [AV] [Still] - 05

Colchester [AV] [Still] – 05

Colchester - Multilayered Rephotographs - 06

Colchester – Multilayered Rephotographs – 06