Weekly Summary – 14.7.14 – 20.7.14

by Beauchamp Art


With being home for a funeral this week my output has been minimal, though the 10 hours of trains meant I could finish with Manovich and start reading Jessica Helfand book on the screen, a key area for my dissertation. However I have also written some semi-formal reflective texts which I can expand on, integrating research.

Though I have been without the use of a computer I have temporarily trying a Tablet device, though as they are designed as a tool of consumption rather than production, progress is slow.thoroughfares the Firstsite performance I plan on using them in artworks at some point, not just as a means of display but to further the interactivity of the works, commenting on everyday contemporary computing in a post-Industrial micro-labour late-Capitalist economy, where every action is monetized as marketable metadata.