Photos: Crepusculum

by Beauchamp Art


Crepusculum - 3

Crepusculum – 3


In these images a half-awake triptych of the late evening roof tops outside; photographed from windowed, curtained, and blanketed perspective, hazy and lost for focus, the lamentations of lazy eyes looking out for something to see before they collapse into psychosomatic phantasmagoria; something intelligible in the drunken stupor of semi-consciousness. Crepusculum is the Latin for dusk.
These images focus on the window as a frame to a outside world that is itself framed by the limits of a darken sky, and the boundaries of rooftops, sitting on buildings hidden from view. They are an examination of what is not seen, and only partly remembered in the linger hours of low light.

Crepusculum - 1

Crepusculum – 3

Crepusculum - 2

Crepusculum – 2