Weekly Summary – 4.8.14 – 10.8.14

by Beauchamp Art

Attatchment Wounds from Beauchamp Art on Vimeo.

This week I have been preparing my computer and files in order to be able to make work, and collected an incomplete video project from Uni and have since resolved the piece; having worked on a musical soundtrack whilst developing my skills with Logic, but still needs annotating and the key frame selecting. Sorting my computer is taking longer than expected.
I also decided upon the key headers I plan to work with on my dissertation, wrote some more notes on surrounding subjects (a key area being digital photos and death), and did some photo editing. However, I still need to do a write up of my visit to London and the other events I have attended (at Wysing and Outpost) and various articles. I have also drawn up the Charter for the Drawing Society next year, which has been positively received by the group.



Spectacle – 5


Throne of Driver