Weekly Summary – 11.8.14 – 17.8.14

by Beauchamp Art

Instability [Video Still]

I have mostly been sorting my computer, setting up Photoshop, Graphics Tablet, Scanner etc. whilst finishing off reading Pure War and Media Control and have made a start on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? though I may have to pause from reading for a while to start on writing cons0lodated sections of the essay and making some practical work, as I have fail to produce anything of substance in far too long, therefore have had nothing worth submitting to any open submissions. However, I did make a start on a short film using image stabilisation, optical flow, and the moiré effect to generate interest visual effects, for the time being I just used my own familiar face, but it make work well as part of a series.

Self-portraiture may be starting to reoccur in my work, in various distorted digital forms, due to thinking about corruptible familiarity for my dissertations; the digital uncanny.


Model me in 3D

Model me in 3D

Model Me in 3D