Digital: Model Me in 3D

by Beauchamp Art

Model Me in 3D

model me in 3d - 1

In these two basic GIFs, I rotated my head in front of a webcam, uploading the images directly to social media, accompanied by the words/instruction ‘Model me in 3D’, as a very simple comment how the superabundance of personal image could be used to build up a portrait of a person; suggesting a digital 3D graphical model made from several images spliced together. As within the 8 frames of the two images combined, there is nearly enough visual data to build a reasonably detailed model of my head. However, without extracting the 4 sequential images from the sequence, the speed of GIF means finding any finer details may be difficult.
This is set against the bookshelves of the library, offsetting the rapidity of contemporary information exchange with the stability of the book; information acquisition versus learning.

This was also partly in response to some particularly bad facial scanning software that was integrated into the US release of a basketball video game, that resulted in highly deformed 3D models based on flat photographic scan of the user’s face.

model me in 3d - 2