Weekly Summary – 18.8.14 – 24.8.14

by Beauchamp Art


With finishing Chomsky’s Media Control, I decide to take a break from critical texts this week and read Philip K. Dick’s relevant sci-fi classic, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? along side the usual selection of articles from newspapers and websites.

I also made some headway towards making work, starting on a small piece involving my retinal scans morphing from eye to eye in stereo, but besides making it loop, I’m not sure what I can do with it. However, as the images used were around 2k resolution each, and they were being collaged together, it did mean I could work at 4k without stretching the images.

I should also be starting work in the Library when the term starts, with that, being a Student Ambassador, and heading up the Drawing Society, I am going to have to be very strict with my time keeping as it is my final year.


Eye Scan Stereo Transition [4K]



Retinal Scan GIFs

Digital Portrait to be Deleted [WIP]