Photos: Near-Far

by Beauchamp Art

Near-Far - 04


These images of spontaneously glitch explicit imagery transform intimate bodily acts into abstract constructions. The data-moshing-like effect of the momentarily corrupted image dehumanise the representations revealing their mechanical falsity. With the prominence of green suggesting a classical depiction of envy and greed; a distinctly unnatural hue that ironically echoes the shades of meadow and the circuit board simultaneously.

Like the seared flesh of a post-atomic-blast, the people depicted in these images are defaced by the instantaneous degradation of corruptibility, both in code and in pornographic exploration. As McLuhan said, “the electric light is pure information. It is a medium without a message.” [McLuhan, 1964: 8] The instantaneity of online visual representational formats, like the atom bomb, is totality. Unification through obliteration under the “data smog” [Shenk, 1997: 16] fallout from the mushroom cloud of modernity.

Near-Far - 05

Near-Far - 03


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