Photos: Shortsighted

by Beauchamp Art

Shortsighted - 01


In this photographic quatrain, the two pairs of images show my retinal scans display on a computer screen, re-photographed through a magnifying glass, optically amplifying threefold. The image of the seeing object is broken into sub pixel fragments, subtly reflecting the mechanics of the gaze and that of the subject; the image. Viewing these images on a screen could be seen as a means of mirroring the audience’s eye, plunging them internally into an uncanny representation, the image of an image, which out of context may resemble a nebula, or something sub-cellular; both the pixel and body cell, at a loss for scale, but obviously organic. The dumbfounded vision of the short-sighted eye.

Shortsighted - 02

Shortsighted - 03

Shortsighted - 04