Weekly Summary – 25.8.14 – 31.8.14

by Beauchamp Art

I have been reading through a considerable number of articles, having finished Do Androids Dream… and starting Sontag’s Regarding the Pain of Others, and have thus been considering issues I want to address in my dissertation, and have begun to understand that the inquiries I wish to make are not for a 10,000 word text, but much greater consideration. When I ask myself;

If every face in a crowd can be rendered recognisable, then what is the value of familiarity (to the users of online media)?

Then I have a single to untangle a single strand of the mesh I wish to un-weave, so this may be a good starting point.

Such a digital uncanny that I am researching has begun to manifest itself in practical works too; exploiting editing technologies’ limitations, such as in Unfamiliar, Instability in which I exploit stabilising algorithms to produce a hyper-real motion image.

I have also begun work on editing more recent photographs of the screen.