Weekly Summary – 15.9.14 – 21.9.14

by Beauchamp Art

Curtain Obscura - 05

More of this week was spent reading Mobile Interface Theory, along with more semi-useful articles, feeding into extend discussions that go in circles, with peers and internally.  Moreover, I spent some time experimenting with making a Camera Obscura using my bedroom curtains, after noticing the effect of the light on the walls on particularly bright mornings. To get decent photos, I did require some assistance, so the images turned out quite pleasingly.

Furthermore, having thought more about display, the Gravestone GIF/Video piece in progress could work well displayed on a grave-like TV mounting, with the screen displayed upright in portrait, with a small box in front of it with a place to put flowers, in the style of an actual grave. Accompanied by a Facebook group made up of profile featuring the details from the various graves featured, called something like Tome (Gravebook, iGrieve or something equally cold).


Graves GIF

New Room Render

New room pre-render