Weekly Summary – 22.9.14 – 28.9.14

by Beauchamp Art


Digital Self Portrait, Glitched GIF


Upon a visit to the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art, I attended the opening of the painting exhibition, featuring mostly figurative works  from contemporary artists, and those from near-history. It was probably one of the finer collections of painted works I have seen, especially in Norwich, and featured a range of painting styles, although all of the works dealt with realism. Many of the works I had study at Foundation had been informative to my own, now abandoned, painting practice, including Alison Watt, Francis Bacon, and various others.

I also made a GIF involving a glitched digital self portrait, which I was attempting to turn into a video, though met with technical difficulties in FCP and Photoshop, so have had to postpone that project until I find a way around it; I may simply film the GIF from the screen instead, as I did in Descent into Maelström.



My reading list goes on and on, anon…


Gravestone display Sketch