Weekly Summary – 29.9.14 – 5.10.14

by Beauchamp Art

Epitaph Still - 07

With it being the week before going back to uni formally, I have mostly been preparing for the initial tutorials and meeting, which involved finishing off a few bits of writing, and uploading current works. As well as trying to get through the various bits of half-finished research in time to be able to talk to it with my tutors (This year I have Victoria and Mark, which is good). I have a pile of pamphlets from various exhibitions, including a small sub-folder of things from London, as ell as other more local events; and I really need to write some more thorough reflection on the Wysing lectures, rather than just using quotes. The same is true for my various reading materials.
Along side this necessary menagerie of tasks, I have been finishing off the Epitaph (gravestone) video, and work on how to exhibit it – I am torn between an elaborate and simplistic; subtle display. Either way, I have ordered some free fake grass samples from a number of websites and will have those to experiment with shortly.


Installation plan for Epitaph

Jim WIP Digital Painting