Weekly Summary – 6.10.14 – 12.10.14

by Beauchamp Art

Cardboard Cutout Gallery Audience with Photographed Mirror

As my current practices involves dealing with the social aspects of modern technology, making videos, taking photographs, and sometimes engaging in performative works, but I wish to develop ideas and methods of display that will directly involve the audience’s involvement in the exhibiting of a piece, so that each interaction offers a unique experience.
So for the immediate future I wish to focus on producing works that are intrinsically related, and therefore completed through their display, rather than existing excursively in a static, digital environment being viewed passively. I want to make participating in my work desirable, interesting, and compulsive, echoing the sense of the growing constance of digital technologies in everyday interactions, as well as the electronic apartheid of non-interaction and immediacy through direct action.

After a 2.5 hour group tutorial with Victoria, and a 1-on-1 tutorial with Mark, and an influx in group discussion with peers, I have ascertained a greater level of clarity this week for my direction than I managed over much of the summer.

I also managed to get 99 people to sign up to the Drawing Society at the Societies Fair, wrote a vaguely linear plan for my dissertation and received my fake grass sample in the post. I shall hopefully experimenting with display throughout next week.

Fascist [WIP]