Digital: Animated Artificial Grass

by Beauchamp Art



Animated Artificial Grass

GIF using images of a selection of artificial grass samples, dancing on a white canvas.

From the images of all the different samples displayed on canvas, I then created a short GIF which alternated between the three images, so the shapes would appear to perform a very basic movement across the flat surface, effectively giving life through animation to the inanimate, artificial. Not quite Frankenstein’s monster or Avatar, but nevertheless, when the animation was displayed in a portrait orientation, the image took on a sense of the anthropomorphic. As if the top central circle was a head, and the two sets of two either side where arms, marching, rowing, drumming along in some rhythmically bouncing capacity. As it features three fames looping, with the alternate frames featuring the round samples elevated, the GIF could also function as a sort of metronome. The speed at which the animation plays is dependent on the processing power of the viewer’s computer, or if it is accessed online; then their network connection speed. Moreover, the images used are fairly high resolution photographs, so the image is of reasonable quality, though still is limited to the 256 colours of the GIF image format, which typically only is meant to deal with small, short bits of animation, not 4K photo loops.