Weekly Summary – 13.10.14 – 19.10.14

by Beauchamp Art

Project Room TV Tests - Epithaph - 6

With setting out a week-by-week timetable of the year, I have had to think more about prioritizing work, and facing that I will probably not get to try the majority of my ideas out whilst at uni, and should focus on one or two pieces before the winter break, which already breathes coldly down my neck. however, a useful discussion with a Graphics student did set out the simple terms on which they were allocating time for research; as the dissertation comes to around 1/5th of the grade, they were allocating each Friday for there contextual investigation, and using the rest of the week for there practical work.

As I intend to undertake the 10K extended essay, I will inevitably dedicate more time than most to critical research, though I do not wish to unnecessarily sacrifice practical work. It is also frustrating having to spend time planning that could be spent doing, but realistically in 3rd year this is inevitable, and I still managed to attend my tutorial, two meetings for the Participation project with Nick, the Briefing, as well as the first DrawSoc and FemSoc meetings, along with filming peoples faces for a new piece that uses image stabilization similarly to Unfamiliar, Instability, and some more photo editing and back-dated writings.

Epitaph Lare TV Studio Tests - 2

Epitaph display experiments




Animated Artificial Grass


Fascist [WIP]