Photos: Crafting Daisy and the Triangle

by Beauchamp Art

Crafting Daisy and the Triangle - 4

Crafting Daisy and the Triangle [Kelly Briggs]

Kelly working on Daisy and the Triangle in her studio; a memetic art object of pure hype.
This was a fairly unplanned photo shoot, that came out of gather the footage for the Part-I video piece. However, it served as an useful exercise in figurative photography and dynamic portraiture, as well as an opportunity to use the medium of photography to explode the orange colours of my peer’s work.
Although these took a fair amount of post production to get them to a presentable level, the oranges did not need enhancing particularly, despite the end product appearing so vibrant. What was mostly required was neutralising all of the other areas of tone, an defining a selective palette within the photos, keeping it mostly to reds and oranges, with some greens discretely saturated into the shadows. Most of the lighting adjustments involved creating a more balanced lighting in the available conditions, which involved a mix of natural and artificial light. As the shoot took place in the studios, there was a generous amount of light coming from all directions as they are predominantly a white space. Nevertheless, I did not want to over-process the images, as they may have lost their charming spontaneity, and may have lost some of the charisma of the atmosphere these were taken in.
In the future it may be worth organising a more formal photo shoot utilising Kelly’s work with DATT, to add to the cult of orange she has invoked; staging them as if they were some sort of big brand launch, when the content of the subject is hollow; selling just he ideology, with no product attached; like a fashion line for Emperor’s New Clothes.

Crafting Daisy and the Triangle - 2

Crafting Daisy and the Triangle - 3