Photos: Epitaph Large TV Studio Tests

by Beauchamp Art

Epitaph Large TV Studio Tests - 1

Epitaph Large TV Studio Tests

Testing the display of Epitaph on a large flatscreen TV with artificial grass and a real flower in the studio.
These tests worked better than with the small TV, as it took on the presence of a gravestone more effectively, however it stood over the grass rather imposingly so it ended up seeming rather redundant. And much like the other large TV tests, it was positioned agains a white wall as a substitute for position it on the floor, due to being unable to dismount the screen from the stand. Nevertheless, rotating the camera/pictures to suggest how the work could look seemed to suffice. Though this did mean the grass, and one of Kelly’s orange daises had to be attached to the wall. The novelty of the grass seemed to be worn off by the size of the screen, and with this particular display it worked best without the other props, as they merely distracted from the video, rather than adding to the piece. However, perhaps if I had a larger sheet of artificial grass, say 1 square meter, and leant the TV on that on the floor, the disharmony between the different elements could be resolved.


Epitaph Large TV Studio Tests - 3

Epitaph Large TV Studio Tests - 4