Photos: Epitaph Large TV Tests

by Beauchamp Art

Epitaph Large TV Test - 2

Epitaph Large TV Tests

Testing the display of Epitaph against a wall in the studio space on a large flat screen TV.
These tests took place before the other Epitaph Large TV Studio Tests, however they feature much of the same content, though here I had less control over the lighting, and subsequently resolved to work in the corner of the Drawing Space, though was also limited by the length of the power cables, so then had to fetch another extension lead from which to run both the TV and Media Player.
The re-photographing of the piece did add some interesting visual elements to the piece, though also prove mildly frustrating to capture a balanced image where the light of the room would not interfere too much with the screen, which was gloss rather than matte, so the viewer would always be faces with their own reflection amongst the flickering images of graves, of death.
I also experimented briefly with taking some more dynamic shots, a mixture of macro and improvised wide-angle photography, in order to view the video in as many different ways as possible, to consider it literally from all angles.


Epitaph Large TV Test - 3

Epitaph Large TV Test - 4