Film: Epitaph Grass Projection [Full]

by Beauchamp Art

Epitaph Grass Projection [Full]

Epitaph projected onto artificial grass in full.
In this video I documented the experimental display of the Epitaph video piece, projected onto the reverse of three pieces of artificial grass. Not only did this produce an interesting visual effect, with the weave of the grass acting like hyperbolic pixels fragmenting the image, and becoming more aesthetically abstract, but also the use of the artificial grass ignited a dialogue between the video as a representational media and the physical presence of an simulated object.

Epitaph Grass Projection [Full] - 01

Epitaph Grass Projection [Full] [Stills]

Filming   the projection was somewhat difficult, as the plastic grass would not stay in place, so had to be propped up i n the corner of my studio, and held with adhesive tack. Moreover, the project was set to vertically invert whatever was being played, and I did not know how to adjust this setting. Although, as the video was portrait, this was not particularly problematic. More of an issue was the lack of synchronisation between the camera’s frame rate and that of the projector. Due to the desynchronisation between the two, a large amount of RGB strafing was observed, and documented as part of the other display experiments. I had to compensate for this by subtly altering the frame rate of the film by increase and decreasing the exposure, making minute altercations to the filming speed; which then had to be compensate for by adjusting the ISO settings. As the studio was only partially darkened whilst filming, that also had to be taken into consideration, as I only wanted the projected area to be illuminated.

Epitaph Grass Projection [Full] - 05

The video produced was primarily intended as documentation of a means of exhibiting the work. Although the particular set up I used was fairly basic and temporary, so if I were to show the video projected on the grass (not just show the film of the projection), then I would have to find a way of positioning the projector so it would not obstruct the the viewing of the video, though the inclusion of the project as part of the installation, rather than hiding it out of sight could be interesting, as it makes the digital mediation of the image more present, and the ethereality of the image as a light-form would be self-evident.
The sound in this particular test was not altered from that of the original.

Epitaph Grass Projection [Full] - 08