Film: Epitaph Grass Projection [Macro]

by Beauchamp Art

Epitaph Grass Projection [Macro]

Compilation of close-up shots of the Epitaph video being projected onto artificial grass, and a wall.
This serves not only as documentation of the display experiment, but also records the problem of filming a projected video that is not synchronised to the camera, thereby producing the flickering strips of RGB across the video. The consequence of this was a fairly intriguing aesthetic in this subsequent video; similar to the structuralist visual assaults of the works of Paul Sharits. Out of these various tests, this video would probably function as the best stand-alone piece, and it may be worth considering how this video could be shown, in a way that would related back to the original source material, as well as this video’s own unique qualities.

Epitaph Grass Projection [Macro] [Stills] - 06

Epitaph Grass Projection [Macro] [Stills]

In this film an altered version of the soundscape was used to create a greater sense of synaesthesia between the audio and visuals; creating a false correlation of the flicking projection (caused by the asynchronism of the camera’s frame rate and the projector’s refresh rate) and the undulating sounds (created by passing multiple versions of the sound track through various tremolo and phaser filters, along with a adding a small amount of delay, to create a jittery, wobbling soundscape that flickered some-what synchronously with the video).
Somewhat amusing, exporting the video, the one of the suggested tags was ‘Excessive Shake’, though I am not entirely sure how that came to be; possibly the large use of image stabilisation in the film, due to filming on a small scale without a tripod, as the limits of space would not allow this.

Epitaph Grass Projection [Macro] [Stills] - 05

Epitaph Grass Projection [Macro] [Stills] - 01