Weekly Summary – 27.10.14 – 2.11.14

by Beauchamp Art

Epitaph Projections on Artificial Grass - 07

Epitaph on Artificial Grass Experiment

Finalising my learning agreement was also useful, and combined with the Participation manifesto meeting, studio and dissertation tutorials; I have ascertained a vague sense of direction for my work. However, the business of the Student Rep, and Societies meetings have hindered my progress.
Nevertheless, I believe I have all of what I need for the upcoming exhibit, and the work ahead; finding time for everything without being (somewhat ironically) overwhelmed may still prove problematic, inspite of my thorough planning for the LA.

I have been going over old research to find relevant artists for my dissertation, using works I already know (alongside the Evans and Hays works I have seen first hand, and have spoken to the artists about).
I experimented with projecting the Epitaph video onto fake grass, though I was unable to film it very effectively due to being unable to synchronise the camera and projector refresh rate; though the resulting rolling shutter strobing effect was quite interesting in itself, and maybe says more about the failure of the simulacrum than the video itself; the refilmed projection acts as a remediated window that assumes the qualities of stained glass.
The Participation video piece has proven less problematic after reprocessing my imagery using an alternative combination of techniques. Although scaling the video from 3840×2160 resolution to 1280×1080 for the CRT monitor and 1920×1080 for the iPad; adding in the transitional ‘Share’ slides and fading audio was somewhat problematic, as it required exporting and handling multiple version of the same video which differ from its primary incarnation.

Individual Instability [4K] [Stills] - 15

Individual Instability [4K] for Part-I Exhibition

Epitaph Projections Details on Artificial Grass - 07

Epitaph on Artificial Grass Experiment

Inanimate Image [Beta] [Stills] - 12

Inanimate Image [Beta] [Stills]