Digital: Share

by Beauchamp Art


Share [GIFs]

Using key frames from the Individual Instability video, I created two basic GIFs that involved flicking between the distorted portrait of each person and the black screen (with a lightly saturated enlarged version of the film superimposed) displaying the word ‘Share’, and in doing so shifted the focus to that motif. Going between the figures and the words produces a violent contrast, as the faces are set against white background, and the text black; suggesting similar structural considerations to that of Paul Sharits’ video works, particularly the T:O:U:C:H:I:N:G and Epilepsy films.
In the first GIF the animation simply shows the images in consecutive order, each lasting one frame. This meant that the word ‘Share’ blends with the images of the faces, due to the rapidity of the transition (although the frame rate is reliant on the processing power of the computer it is being viewed on, unlike a video which should be constant; so if the user performs demanding operations whilst the GIF plays, it slows down, and a roller-shutter effect may be noticed across the image as if one scrolls whilst the image is embedded in a fixed page).

However, in the second version, I imposed the text over all the frames, to keep it as a constant element, but allowing the video to pulse at a slightly slow rate, but remaining aggressive; though more like the low-frame-rate videos of early cameras, like the Super-8.

These are two of the more successful GIFs I have produced using frames from a film, and serve effectively as a summery of the video and as stand-alone works. Due to the smaller file size, malleability of the format, and reduced length, they could even be viewed as superior to the original video[s].

I may reuse these images later, or possibly expand on the piece, and find new ways to display it, possibly involving more faces or crowd scenes, but sustaining the visual assault of the work, as an ode to the visual/sensory overload as a product of modern light-speed communications.

Animated GIFS based on Individual Instability iPad.