Weekly Summary – 3.11.14 – 9.11.14

by Beauchamp Art

Part-I Private View -02

Setting up the Part-I exhibition went well, and the opening event proved popular; and everyone contributed to making the soup fairly. Both the permanent CRT & iPad versions of the film were well received, and people seem to share the mobile version effectively. Although the the Cancophony piece was included, it was not a focal point, though I still intent to add to it as the days go on, though it is still frustrating that it became tangled before it could be fully completed. It resides unassumingly in the corner of the exhibit, wrapping around the emergency phone.

My writing in response to reading Data Smog has become more thorough, and will form the basis for my dissertation. As I have around 6000 words at this points, connecting to other texts, this should be a secure grounding. Though I still need to work in more art references.
Nevertheless, my own practical work seems to be going fairly well, and my tutorial with Victoria gave me some useful new ideas regarding animated works, and resolving the artificial grass.

The Thematic discussion, FemSoc, 3rd year presentations, guest lecturer and the focus group provided a variety of interesting discussion points to punctuate the week.

Part-I Private View -17

Part-I Private View -25

Part-I Set Up - 03