Photos: II CRT Experiment Photos

by Beauchamp Art

II CRT Experiment Photos - 02

II CRT Experiment Photos

Photos of the Individual Instability CRT display experiments. As part of the Part-I exhibition, in preparation for a series of re-filmed pieces.

These were intended s both documentation of the TV but also to be considered as stand alone photographs, capturing the unique materiality of the cathode ray tube’s image. As the TV’s refresh rate was different to that of the camera, the resulting effect fragmented the image into section of bright and dark; which I then enhanced in post-production to reduce the contrast between these areas so the details of both could be viewed simultaneous. This effect was deliberately generated, a form of analogue glitch, as it could be overcome by adjusting the exposure and ISO settings (as I  had a fair amount of control over the lighting, given these were taken in the student gallery at the end of the day, when there were few people about). nevertheless, despite having a low level of exposure on the camera, to darken the background and capture the TV image in full, I still reduced the light levels around the TV on the images where the background was evident, but kept the glow from the screen reflecting on the inside edge of the frame.
The images produced effectively capture the video and its unique visual properties when displayed on the CRT TV.

Part-I // Individual Instability CRT Display

II CRT Experiment Photos - 04

II CRT Experiment Photos - 08