Exhibition: Part-I (Part-You & CRT experiments)

by Beauchamp Art


Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the closing event, Part-You, for the exhibition. However, the event featured all of the existing permanent works (minus Filipa’s Onions), however, I was able to organise for James Snelling, one of the first year Fine Art students to take down my work for me, so that he could experiment with some of his own work using the same equipment. However, whilst the work was up, I also manage to experiment with the pieces further, re-photographing an re-filming the video displayed on the CRT TV, to capture some of that screen’s unique aesthetic.


Film: Individual Instability CRT Display

II CRT [I-III] [Stills] - 07

II CRT 1 // II CRT 2 // II CRT 3 // Individual Instability CRT Tests


Photos: II CRT Experiment Photos

II CRT Experiment Photos - 02

II CRT Experiment Photos

This image came from displaying a short looping video on a CRT featuring various faces of students, distortedly jittering through a semi-linear sequence of detached images, that fell somewhere between photography, animation, and film. The reprocessing of the footage made the faces increasingly disjointed, though there were moments of clarity, when the frames would align forming a singular image. But here, the short length of exposure revealed the TV mechanisms, its process of creating an image in strips, projecting light in bars from the Cathode Ray Tube, forming a phenomenologically material subject from light. The image is half submerged in this process, a shadow of the previous frame remains, to be rectified b the next, the most valuable is the most current, and understanding is further through sequential images events, which here is halted. Verisimilitude is suspended, the figure is half lost in an electric image.