Film: Individual Instability CRT Display

by Beauchamp Art

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Part-I // II CRT Experiment Photos

Individual Instability re-recorded from a CRT monitor.
As part of the Part-I exhibition, and a series of photos. One of the reasons why I was interested in using the CRT TV is because their images making process is more apparent, given the size and weight of the Television, whereas when using a flatscreen or project, the image always finds itself compared to a window, or some other transparent surface. What is particularly appealing about this sort of TV is its physicality, and as Jaygo Bloom observed in his lecture: “Video monitors reinforce the histrionics of the media” [Bloom, 2014]. They return the highly digital aesthetic of the video back to an analogue format.

Individual Instability CRT Tests

II CRT Tests [Stills]


Unlike the other videos, this video features a number of short clips of the video being tested on the monitor at various distances, cutting between each, with the original sound playing over the top. However, the other three were meant as not just documentation of the TV surface, but were intended to be stand alone films; and this  just a compilation of various clips; inadvertently, this selection of clips is arguable the most interesting of the three, as the cut between the image, like the ‘Share’ panel on the tablet version of the film, gives the film some variety, and makes it considerably more watchable than the others, which seem hopelessly banal by contrast.

II CRT Tests [Stills] - 02
I may return to this footage in the future, making a version that cuts between the various distances, and reintroducing the ‘Share’ page, so the image jumps around more, and seems a bit more lively. Though the montaging would be considerably more manual than the heavily automated and fluid digital reprocessing, which could be an interesting way of taking the piece further; as it could again bee shown on a tablet, but the video would be more dynamic. It would thereby offset the contemporary athletic of the blend with that of the Modernist montage.

II CRT Tests [Stills] - 04

II CRT Tests [Stills] - 06



II CRT Display; video filling the screen.



II CRT [I-III] [Stills] - 03


II CRT Display; TV frame at the centre.


II CRT [I-III] [Stills] - 07


II CRT Display; Screen viewed at a distance.

II CRT [I-III] [Stills] - 10

II CRT [I-III] [Stills]




Bloom, Jaygo (2014) Chaos Neatly Defined. [Fine Art Guest Lecture]. Norwich University of the Arts, UK. 14 November.