Photos: Henry Driver & Rebecca Liles Collaboration Documentation

by Beauchamp Art

Henry Driver & Rebecca Liles Collaboration Documentation

Henry Driver & Rebecca Liles Collaboration Documentation01

Documentation of a collaboration installation, featuring the work of Henry Driver & Rebecca Liles.

Photography by Benjamin S. Beauchamp.

As a favor for the artists, and to practice my photography skills of video installations, getting some interesting photos and ideas along the way: I took a number of photos of their collaborative artwork, with myself acting as official photographer (as I have done for Henry before, with one of my images of another video installation making into a pamphlet for Tate Liverpool). As our works cross over thematically, this sort of collaboration is a mutually beneficial arrangement, and makes for positive press for all involved is I manage to produce a decent set of images.

This was undertaken as part of our studies, but also for the promotional material for an up-coming Savorr exhibition at The Undercroft, Norwich.

Henry Driver & Rebecca Liles Collaboration Documentation08

Henry Driver & Rebecca Liles Collaboration Documentation11