Weekly Summary – 10.11.14 – 16.11.14

by Beauchamp Art

False Wall - 05

Whilst working on my dissertation draft I refreshed myself of existing research, though the week ahead will undoubtedly be fraught with the perils of constructing a suitable text for submission, that can indicate how I wish to continue the essay, but also be in an accessible format.

The participation exhibition concluded this week, and although I was able to attend, document and join in with Nicole’s performance, as well as experiment briefly with the CRT display of my own video, I was unable to make it to the closing event, Part-You, as I was at an open day at the UEA, looking into Media & Culture Post-Graduate degrees, specifically, the Media and Cultural Politics course. The staff and students were al very useful, and not only was it interesting to see the open day format from the other side, but the discussion with the lecture was incredibly insightful and inspiring for my future. If I can secure some funding, I would be incredibly eager to continue my studies there.

Moreover, I also assisted in documenting Henry and Rebecca’s installation, in preparation for their exhibition with Savorr. Though I will not be exhibiting myself, I intend to again act as Henry’s official photographer, as I understand his work, I know what e wants to be shown, and I am used to photographing in the light conditions his work usually employs, as it is similar to my own.

I manage to make a few quick pieces this week, notable the Cosmic Drug and False Wall films, as well as the Arcadia photos; and catch up with a large amount of photo-editing and organise my blog, so that I can annotate my work efficiently in the next two weeks leading up to submission.

Arcadia - 06

Parangoles - Nicole Performance - 07

Henry Driver & Rebecca Liles Collaboration Documentation08