Photos: Savorr – Driver & Liles

by Beauchamp Art

Savorr - Driver & Liles - 02

Savorr – Driver & Liles

This series of images features photographic documentation of Henry Driver and Rebecca Liles’ work installed at the Savorr XII exhibition. This was undertaken as a favour to the artists, but lead to a more formal arrangement to document the rest of the exhibition for the opening event.
Although usually low-light and video documentation may be considered a difficult subject, as my work frequently involves similar lighting conditions, then I have built up the appropriate experience to deal with such subject matter. And having work with Henry previously, I am aware of the requirements and content of his work, so I am more informed to what he would want showing in his work. Moreover, I did not simply wish these images to be straight forward documentary images, but be aesthetically stimulating photographs in there own right, exploring the light surrounding the projection, and Liles’ sculpted surface onto which the video was projected, as the use of the space by the artists.
Furthermore, having rehearsed the display of the work in the student gallery previous, both Driver and Liles had already had a chance to test out the work within the confines of a small space, and for me to document it, and get feedback on what sort of photographs were most useful for them, that would showcase their work and my photography skills most effectively.

Savorr - Driver & Liles - 13

Savorr - Driver & Liles - 10